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Archived Blog Posts

Charleston Summer Sun and Fun

7/6/2017 (Permalink)

Community Charleston Summer Sun and Fun The Charleston sun can be brutal. Be prepared to protect yourself before hitting the sand! #BeReady #SERVPROnchs

Unless you have been trapped inside the last couple weeks, you are well aware that Summer has officially arrived in Charleston, SC!  Temperatures are rising, beach and boat traffic are picking up, pools are full, and flip flops are the city wide choice of footwear.   This time of year the risk of sun damage to the skin is at an all-time high.  Premature aging, aggravated cataracts, skin tone change, and most importantly skin cancer are all risks of too much exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. 

The US Environmental Protection Agency has a wealth of information available on the subject of sun damage and how to protect yourself.  Obviously, staying out of the sun all the time is not an option that most of us on the coast will even consider.  However, there are options to at least do what we can to protect our skin when we are out and about having fun in the Charleston sun!   Sunscreen, hats, swim shirts, etc. Check out this article from the EPA for all the information you need: "The Burning Facts"

When you have taken the necessary precautions to protect your skin, you will also need to be prepared to have a little fun.  We thought we’d help with that as well.  Check out the Charleston Visitor’s Bureau calendar of family events for the Summer: Family Fun Events

Have fun and be safe out there!

Top 3 from AIRE SERVE of Summerville.

5/31/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Top 3 from AIRE SERVE of Summerville. Thank you AIRE SERV of Summerville, SC for your HVAC Top 3!

Summer is just about in full swing and as the temperature rises outside, we start cranking down the temperature inside!  This time of year has local air conditioning companies working around the clock repairing or replacing faulty units.  Here at SERVPRO of Greather Northern Charleston there is also a spike in the number calls we get when rooms are flooding by clogged AC lines or overflowing drain pans.  For this installment of Top 3, we reached out to our favorite HVAC contractor, Russell Harshman, the General Manager at AIRE SERVE of Summerville, to find out his top 3 word of advice to make sure your summer is a cool as possible. 


Top 3 words of wisdom in the HVAC world in Charleston:

Have routine maintenance.   A lot of homeowners (especially new homes) let maintenance go by the wayside. Here at AIRE SERV, we recommend twice a year maintenance to prevent breakdowns in operation and efficiency. Make sure the technician does a thorough electrical inspection on your indoor and outdoor unit, clears the drain line, cleans the evaporator and condenser coils, and checks refrigerant pressures. Ask for a report showing measurements for your records, if they cannot provide this then I would take it as a cautionary sign.

Use reviews and referrals.  Charleston is a busy place with a lot of new-comers to the area. When problems arise a lot of folks don’t know who to call, so they ask for a referral from a local friend or a neighbor. More often these days people are turning to their neighborhood Facebook page for referrals and it has really changed the dynamic of finding what will work best for you in your area. AIRE SERV recommends you still do your research on the contractor using review websites easily found online. Things on the company webpage like 24/7/365 service, drug testing, background screens on employees and satisfaction guarantees are very important. AIRE SERV OFFERS ALL OF THESE TO EVERY CUSTOMER, EVERYDAY.

Don’t waste any more money on R-22 FREON.  R-22 FREON is the type of refrigerant over half of South Carolina still uses to cool and heat their home. January 1, 2020 the EPA will complete the phase out of this gas by making it illegal to manufacture or import in the U.S. ...FOREVER! This means that any homeowner with an R-22 system in their home would, could or will find themselves in a position where their HVAC system will cost an unreasonable amount to repair in the event they need FREON to fix your system. Since this is a very common repair item, the problem will also get more common the closer we get to 2020. Homeowners will be forced to replace the entire system re-actively based on the cost of R-22 alone. At AIRE SERV, we recommend consulting with an HVAC professional to talk about the options to replace your system before then, PRO-ACTIVELY. To get your NO-COST NO-PRESSURE consultation, CALL AIRE SERV TODAY!


Russell Harshman, "I guarantee your satisfaction."


Phone:  (843) 513-9153 Fax: (888) 803-1442 Website: www.aireserv.com/summerville


If you have an AC mishap that causes flooding or water damage in your home or business, SERVPRO of GnC is here for you 24/7.  (843) 552-1226

School's Out, Charleston!

5/30/2017 (Permalink)

Community School's Out, Charleston! Congratulations Class of 2017 Charleston Area Students!

Congratulations Lowcountry students, teachers, school staff, and parents!  One more school year successfully on the books and it’s time for summer!  We will have plenty of summer safety and vacation activities to share with you during your family’s break from the school year, but for now we just want to say “Congrats!”  SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston loves working with local schools across the Tri-County area and we look forward to helping you be as prepared as possible if you experience any unfortunate water or fire disaster over the coming months. 

So, in between your trips to the beach and other Charleston summer shenanigans, be on the lookout for posts that can help you protect your home or business! 

If you need us in the meantime, we can be reached 24/7 at (843) 552-1226

Top 3 from Charleston Lighting!

5/24/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Top 3 from Charleston Lighting! If a water or fire loss damages your light fixtures, call Charleston Lighting, one our favorite Lowcountry businesses.

We are so excited to have had the chance to talk to Melissa Muhl with Charleston Lighting & Interiors for our first Top 3 installment!  In each blog post, SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston will be asking our local vendors their top 3 words of advice for their particular industry.

Many times when a building has a fire or water loss, the light fixtures cannot be salvaged and must be replaced, making it an ideal time to rethink lighting scheme and fixture style.  So we asked Melissa to send us over her top 3 tips to making perfect selections.  Here’s what she had to say.


Top three things to consider when choosing lighting for your home:
     1.  The Amount:  Consider the things you do in each room and choose light that fits your needs. Bright enough to read in the study, dim enough in the dining room to set the mood for a fine meal, etc. Be sure you have the fixtures and levels of light you need for each space in your home.
     2.  The Placement:  Are you plagued with glare from a too high lamp shade? Fumble around in your dim pantry? Pay attention to where the light – or lack thereof – is making tasks difficult or causing a safety concern. Back staircase anyone? A smaller harp to lower a shade, a small flush mount placed in a closet, all seemingly small things that make a big difference.  
Light is also great at highlighting your passions and special places. Showcase some artwork in the wall, unique architectural feature in your home, or your kitchen island family gathering place with some brighter light for emphasis.
     3.  The Color:  Have you noticed some medical offices seem to have a blue light? You favorite restaurant may have light with a golden hue?  Light has color temperature ranges (measured in Kelvins) that allow you to choose between a warmer more golden light feel and a cooler more blue light feel.  Choose your light bulbs based on 2700 Kelvins for a warmer look (check the side of the box). 3000 and above kelvins will provide the more cool blue feel preferred by some offices, retailers and institutions.
Above all else be sure to keep your lighting safe. No frayed cords or exposed wires.  

Have any additional questions or looking to make a lighting change in your home or business?  Feel free to give me a call anytime!

          Melissa Muhl,  Lighting Consultant
          843-766-3055 ext 210
          1640 Sam Rittenberg Blvd, Charleston SC 29407



Fire. Water. Mold ~ Like it never even happened.

24/7 ~ (843)-552-1226

Help... on the go!

5/23/2017 (Permalink)

General Help... on the go! Free Red Cross emergency apps available for download today! #BeReady #SERVPROnchs

SERVPRO has had a long standing relationship with the American Red Cross, both as a first responder and corporate sponsor.   The American Red Cross does far more than just show up after disaster has struck.  They are constantly distributing new information concerning disaster repair and recovery and to educate individuals and businesses in being as prepared as possible.   One of the best examples of this is their menu of mobile applications.  There is an application for nearly every type of natural disaster.  Hurricane, earthquake, tornado, fire, flood, etc.  Here are a few of our favorites: 

  • Hello Care - Resources catered specifically to military family.

  • First Aid - Have a first aid emergency? This should do it!

  • Blood - A blood donation scheduling application.

  • Pet First Aid - What to do during an emergency?  Professional advice on every day pet needs. 

Click on the American Red Cross today and download your favorites today. 

As always, Charleston, we are here for you 24/7 - (843) 552-1226.  Take a moment to save our number in your phone to save you time in the event of a fire, water, or storm disaster. 

2016 storm damage costs at a glance.

5/22/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 2016 storm damage costs at a glance. What happened last year helps prepare us to serve the Charleston, SC are better this year!

Weather experts are expecting this year to be a quieter storm season than last year. CoreLogic’s 2016 Natural Hazard Risk Summary for 2016 details the cost of storm related damages incurred throughout  the year.  Thank you to Restoration & Remediation for taking all that detail and breaking it down for us!  Click here to view full 2016 Natural Hazard infograpic. Even during a “slow” season,   damage and restoration costs can be astronomical.  The staff of SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston works tirelessly to ensure that we are prepared for any type of weather related disaster.   We have trained technicians and state of the art equipment on standby at all times in order to arrive as quickly and prepared as possible to your home or business.  

If you find yourself dealing with storm related damage this year, we are here to help 24/7!  Just a phone call away (843) 552-1226.

2017 Spoleto Festival is just days away!

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

The Spoleto Festival is one of Charleston’s crown jewels each year and one of the many reasons SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston is proud to call the Lowcountry our home.  Founded in 1977 in order to mirror the summer music and arts Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, Italy, Charleston set the perfect stage and has attracted musical and visual artists from all over the world. In true Charleston “love of all things local” fashion, the festival expanded rapidly to incorporate our abundant local and regional talent in 1979.  Piccolo Spoleto was born and now showcases over 500 artists and performers each year.  Truth be told, for most locals, it is our favorite part of this incredible 17 day event.

For more information on the schedule of events for this year’s Spoleto and Piccolo Festivals check out the links below:

                ~ Spoleto Festival, 2017

                ~ Piccolo Spoleto, 2017

See you on the Square!

As always, we love doing business with you, Charleston!

Is your Lowcountry Business ready for the 2017 Hurricane Season?

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Is your Lowcountry Business ready for the 2017 Hurricane Season? 2017 Hurricane Season is almost here! Are you ready, Charleston?

With hurricane season right around the corner, it is time to start preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.  Last year, North Charleston and the surrounding areas were hit with a lot of flooding due to record high tides and Hurricane Matthew.  According to Weather.com, this year’s season is predicted to be a bit less active than last year, but it only takes one storm to cause substantial damage to your home or business.  We are here to help ensure you are as ready as possible for whatever this season has in store.   

If you own a Lowcountry business, take a few moments to reach out to Hoyt Williams, our Commercial Account Manager.  He has experience in post storm or disaster restoration with SERVPRO’s Disaster Recovery Teams.   This makes him uniquely qualified to help you set up a plan that will ready your business for a fire, water, or storm loss. SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston is locally owned and operated and we love taking care of our Lowcountry commercial clients. Having a relationship with us prior to the emergency call reduces response time, allows for priority scheduling, and arms our technicians with valuable information about your business so they can hit the ground running when they arrive on site.

Check out Weather.com’s detailed analysis of this year’s Hurricane Season here: 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast

Contact our office today and ask for Hoyt to make sure your business is ready. Contact via Website Here or by phone, (843) 552-1226 ~ 24/7 


Does Your Charleston Area Home Have A Mold Problem?

5/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Does Your Charleston Area Home Have A Mold Problem? We were happy to help remediate the mold in this Moncks Corner, SC home.

Microscopic mold spores naturally occur almost everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. This makes it impossible to remove all mold from a home or business. Therefore, mold remediation reduces the mold spore count back to its natural or baseline level. Some restoration businesses advertise “mold removal” and even guarantee to remove all mold, which is a fallacy. Consider the following mold facts:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

 If your home or business has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today – (843) 552-1226

No Disaster Too Large or Too Far.

9/6/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage No Disaster Too Large or Too Far. SERVPRO of West Virginia headed to LA in force!

The weather the last couple weeks has certainly wreaked havoc on many cities across the Southeast.  SERVPRO franchises across the country came together to assist areas that were affected by disastrous storms and flooding.  Last week while we were battening down here in Charleston anticipating Tropical Storm Hermine, teams from all over were headed to Louisiana and the Panhadle of Florida to lend a hand.  

So many are still displaced from their homes and in need.  If you are looking for a way to contribute but do not know where to start, please consider donating to the Red Cross.  Volunteers are working tirelessly and no matter how large the organization, funds are not unlimited. 

Hermine, thankfully, did not hit Charleston with the strength that was expected and yet we had crews working around the clock with homeowners and businesses all weekend that suffered extensive property damage.

We are here 24/7, ready to serve the Charleston area. Contacts us online or call 843-552-1226 and let us help you make it "Like it Never Even Happened."  

We love taking care of you, Charleston!

Restoring Your Charleston Area Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event

9/6/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoring Your Charleston Area Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event Commercial Water Damage Events Present Unique Challenges

Flooding and water damage events at Charleston commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges.

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston

SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Contact us on line or at (843) 552-1226 ~ 24/7.

Loving Local!

4/6/2016 (Permalink)

Community Loving Local! Franchise Owners, Liz & Brandon Ferm

Local businesses are run by people who don’t just know what they want to do professionally, but most have a clear understanding of why they put in the crazy work it takes to be self-employed.  With a long family lineage of self-starters and entrepreneurs, working for a locally owned and operated business has always been my preferred employment. Working directly with the owners of a local business, I have a front row seat to their Why, and nothing short of my own is as motivational.

Daily life at SERVPRO of GNC is far from calm and cozy - we work in a 24/7 emergency service industry! However, working with Liz and Brandon Ferm as their Office and Marketing Manager for 5 years, and counting, is definitely on the highlight reel of my professional life. 

I asked Brandon recently about his favorite part of being a local SERVPRO franchise owner.  This is the difference between an owner raised in the town he services and a huge corporate entity that ships in strangers.

“I find great fulfillment in helping clients gain control of their disaster. Often, during a large water or fire loss, people feel helpless with nothing within their control while they wait on help to arrive.  

Even before the team even steps foot onsite, our office staff or afterhours on-call manager (NEVER an answering service!)  begin to walk the clients through what they can expect.  On site, the SERVPRO team immediately gets to work doing the emergency mitigation, assessing the full scope of work, and helping the client line up any additional contractors that may be needed in order expedite getting their home or business put  back together.  

Once a client can get answers and see things moving in a positive direction, the victims of the disaster start to feel they are regaining control of their lives.  For me, this is by far the most satisfying part of what we do at SERVPRO of GNC. “

Take a second and save this number in your phone:  843-552-1226.  You never know when something unexpected is going to happen and turn your home or business upside down, but at least you will know the first call to make when it does.

SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston ~ Like it Never Even Happened.

~Beth Williams

Family Planning Time: School Years, Vacations and… Emergency Preparedness?

9/10/2014 (Permalink)

General Family Planning Time: School Years, Vacations and… Emergency Preparedness? Here to help you be prepared: (843)-747-8750 ~ 24/7 #NatlPrep #BeReady

Those of us who work for SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston are just like everyone else. We have to hustle every morning and make sure the kids get to school. Then we are sitting right next to you at our kids’ sporting events, piano recitals, school plays, and occasionally the hospital waiting room when one of them tries an absolutely ‘fool-proof’ stunt. It takes a lot of planning to get everybody where they need to be on time and like you, we have a lot of planning ahead of us for the holiday season this year! 

We realize we are going into the busiest time of the year, but we urge you to take some time and go over with your family your plan of action in case of emergencies. This is the perfect time as September is National Preparedness Month and there are many resources available to assist you put together your emergency plan of action.  It sounds like something that can easily be put off until tomorrow or next week but the problem with emergencies- they happen when we least expect them. Are you sure your spouse or children know what to do in case the family is separated by a flash flood or hurricane? If not, make a plan now, share it with your family, and enjoy a little added peace of mind. 

If you need help putting a plan together, the federal government has created some great templates for an emergency plan and ideas to communicate it with the rest of your family. Don’t forget to make sure you have a way to power flashlights and radios, plenty of drinking water and a way for everybody to keep warm.

A happy holiday season starts out by being a safe holiday season. We want to see you and the rest of your family happy and healthy next year so get started on that emergency plan as soon as possible.  Don't forget to save our contact information... just in case!  843-747-8750 ~ 24/7

With Water Damage, Response Time is Critical!

5/13/2014 (Permalink)

Water Damage With Water Damage, Response Time is Critical! Faster to any size disaster! Any where in the Charleston Area.

SERVPRO strives to have the best response time possible when we are called for a fire or water damage.   Our 1-4-8 policy sets us apart when it comes to taking care of your home or business in the most expeditious manner.   Our goal is two-fold:  To reduce interruption to your family or business and to make the insurance claim resolution seamless and timely.  Dealing with all of the facets of a water damage and insurance claim can be overwhelming.  Adding additional frustration and cost to the mix due to a delay in response time is simply unnecessary.

Here is a timeline on how the damage from water can progress over just a few weeks:


  • Water spreads very quickly from source to adjoining rooms.   
  • Furniture can stain carpets.  
  • Paper items are ruined.
  • Color in carpets can run.
  • Odors, especially pet or smoke, are released from the carpet and pad. 
  • Electronics (computer towers, power bars, etc.) can be damaged.

  • Wood and cabinets begin to swell, split or delaminate.
  • Drywall begins to disintegrate.
  • Bacteria begins to present and sewage contaminants become airborne.
  • Many metal surfaces will begin to tarnish.
  • Odor becomes stronger and more nauseating.
  • Wooden & Vinyl floors can bubble, buckle or cup.

  • Mold will begin to appear and affected areas will no longer be restorable.
  • Metal surfaces will begin to rust.
  • Mold and mildew can begin to cause health problems.
  • Wood on cabinets or doors and door casings begin to swell.
  • Water will have seeped into the internal areas of furniture increasing the cost of drying, or make drying impossible.

  • Residence may need to be evacuated due to health hazards.
  • Drywall surface beyond the original affected area can be affected by seeping moisture, mold and mildew.
  • Wood on cabinets, doors and casings can split and finishes be destroyed.
  • Original affected area, as well as additional areas covered in mold and mildew, will become unsalvageable and will need to be replaced.
  • SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston is ready for your call. Contact us 24/7 at (843) 552-1226.  For non-emergent needs we can also be reached thru the on line Contact Us Form.

    Air Filters and the Quality of YOUR Air

    4/30/2014 (Permalink)

    Cleaning Air Filters and the Quality of YOUR Air Questions about improving your air quality? Call us anytime! (843) 552-1226

    As we close out Air Quality Week we wanted to share an extremely useful article by Bryan McElveen, Charelston’s EcoRealtor.  Bryan is committed to sustainable communities and high performance homes.  We have partnered with Bryan on several non-profit events in the Charleston area and look forward to hearing more from him in the future.

    The following is an excerpt from his “Indoor Air Quality of Homes” article.  This addresses specifically air filters, including a link to a clear comparison of different types of filters.  We encourage you to read the whole article for more of his thoughts on action you can take to ensure the quality of the air in your home or business.

    “Filter and Freshen - The sources of pollutants can never be totally eliminated, so it is important to filter and replenish the air in the home.

    The air conditioning and heating system in your home has a system filter that all the circulated air passes through. This filter not only cleans particulates from the air, but also prevents the settling of dust and mold in the ventilation ducts. Not all filters are made the same, and there are varying degrees of quality from useless to overkill – read HERE for an easy guide (some sizes can be difficult to find, email me for help). Filters should be changed regularly, depending on use. There are often set periods such as 30 or 90 days, but it’s best to be subjective – observe the filter each month and if it looks filthy, change it.

    Your central system should have a “Fan” setting that allows you to change from “auto” to “on” or something similar. The automatic setting runs the fan only when the system is actively cooling or heating, whereas “on” will run the fan and circulate the air regardless of system mode. Be mindful of how much the system is running – during temperate times of year (like right now in April or later in October), your system may go for a few days without turning on. If that’s the case, then flip the switch to “on” every now and then so that the air in your home can be circulated and filtered.”

    SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston takes the air quality in your home and office seriously.  If you feel you have a mold, mildew, or HVAC issue possibly contributing to health or comfort issues in your home or business… We can help.

    We are available 24/7 at (843) 552-1226 or for non-emergent needs you can reach us via our Contact Us page. 

    Green Means Clean

    4/23/2014 (Permalink)

    Cleaning Green Means Clean Safely cleaning the Charleston area.

    SERVPRO® Industries, Inc. is a member of the EPA’s Design for Environment (EPA/DFE) initiative. As a member company, SERVPRO® can access the listing known formally as CleanGredients. The EPA/DFE has established a set of criteria for formulating environmentally friendly cleaning products. With the assistance of larger chemical companies the EPA/DFE has put together a listing of safe cleaning components that can be used in Green cleaning formulations.

    From the listing a formulation can be derived that incorporates “green” chemistry. The initiative is designed to allow chemical formulators a resource to formulate environmentally friendly cleaning products using environmentally friendly raw materials. We have formulated three Green Cleaning Products that allow us to finish any cleaning project in an environmentally sound way.

    Carpet & Upholstery Green Clean #251 is a product designed for cleaning both carpet and upholstery. It is truly a “one product does all” in that it can be used as a spotter, pre-spray, in-line cleaner for both truck mount and portable equipment, and in low-moisture bonnet cleaning. The product is pH neutral, biodegradable, contains no phosphates, solvents, dyes or fragrances.

    All Surface Green Clean #250 is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional surface cleaners. It is pH neutral, contains no dyes or fragrances. All components are safe, non-toxic, phosphate free, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) compliant and rapidly biodegradable. The product is designed as a one product cleans all for surfaces that can be wiped or mopped. It can safely be used on walls, ceilings, countertops, floors, etc. The exclusive formulation contains both ionic and non-ionic surfactants that are naturally derived and provide excellent multi-functional cleaning.

    Window Green Clean #249 is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional glass cleaners. It is pH neutral, contains no dyes or fragrances. All components are safe, non-toxic, phosphate free, VOC-compliant and rapidly biodegradable. The product comes ready to use and is formulated with soft water to eliminate spotting and streaking.

    SERVPRO takes great care in providing safe, effective, and environmentally friendly cleaning products for use in your home or business. We know the disruption that accompanies fire or water damage and take great pride in knowing you can be confident that your family, pets, or employees will not be exposed to unnecessary or harmful toxins during the restoration process.

    SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to SAFELY make your fire or water damage “Like it Never Even Happened.” 

    (843) 747-8750

    Turn Around, Don't Drown!

    3/18/2014 (Permalink)

    Water Damage Turn Around, Don't Drown! Turn Around, Don't Drown! Flood Safety Awareness Week 2014

    Flooding remains one of the top weather killers in the U.S., with the average number of annual fatalities totaling near 90. More than half of these fatalities are vehicle-related. The National Weather Service has been working to bring those numbers down and, for the past decade, has been doing so using its “Turn Around Don’t Drown” campaign, which is dedicated to teaching the public about flood safety.

    Hector Guerrero, warning coordination meteorologist at the NWS San Angelo, Texas, forecast office, began formulating a plan for a program to raise awareness of the dangers of driving or walking into flooded areas in the early 2000s. While Guerrero worked at the NWS forecast office in Brownsville, Texas, he became concerned when hurricane evacuees from the Texas coast would relocate to the heart of Texas’ Flash Flood Alley. He was also aware of the dangers associated with flash floods having grown up in Austin, also part of Flash Flood Alley. “I wanted a catchy phrase along the lines of the fire-safety mantra "Stop, Drop and Roll,” said Guerrero. “After brainstorming with a group of firefighters from Harlingen, Texas, I chose ‘Turn Around Don’t Drown.’” 

    Guerrero worked with a team from NWS Southern Region Headquarters and together they partnered with the Texas Division of Emergency Management, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, and the City of Fort Worth Fire Department. NWS launched the “Turn Around Don’t Drown” program in Texas in 2003. Once the phrase was officially trademarked by NOAA, the program made its national debut in 2004. 

    Since then, hundreds of permanent “Turn Around Don’t Drown” signs have been established along roadways prone to flooding across the U.S. and the slogan has become an often repeated catchphrase in the media, classrooms and even the home. In addition to the NWS education materials, NWS partners also distribute resources bearing the phrase. 

    For information on how SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston can help if you are facing flood damage to your home or business, please take a look at the Water Damage Restoration page on our website.

    You can also Contact Us, 24/7, for help.  (843) 747-8750

    Atricle courtesy of NWS & NOAA

    9th Annual LifePoint Race for Life

    2/24/2014 (Permalink)

    Community 9th Annual LifePoint Race for Life Awesome turn out at the Race for Life, Charleston SC!

    SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston was so proud to see our 2014 pet project, LocalPassport.org, make their first appearance this weekend at LifePoint's 2014 Race for Life.   LifePoint creates awareness of the extreme need for increased organ donor registry and provides donor services to 62 hospitals in the state of South Carolina.  In addition, they educate hospital staff members and and helps families through the process of making a confident decision about organ donation during and extremely difficult and confusing time.

    We also had the privilege of working side by side with Palmetto Crossfit owner , Alana Hopkins.   Alana has spent the last several years raising funds for a double lung transplant for her son, Tripp, with Cystic Fibrosis. Tripp did not find relief and healing in the way friends and family had hoped. However, his loving and vibrant spirit continues to live on and inspire so many.  The most notable are certainly his mother and sister.  They have not wavered in their fight to help those who need lifesaving transplants to have a better chance of living every single day.  As incredible as she is, Alana was only one of many in attendance this weekend that are pushing thru loss and putting their grief on display with the hope that more will choose to be organ donors.  If by now, you are wondering how you can register:  This link can help.

    With almost 600 run/walk participants, a field full of vendors and even a few furry friends, the 9th Annual Race for Life was a huge success.  We met some awesome new people and thoroughly enjoyed the warm, beautiful weather!  A much needed change from the weeks of ice, freezing rain and frozen water pipes!  Needless to say, we walked out of the park Saturday with a heightened understanding of what we can accomplish as a community if we pull together. 

    Every year more and more lives are saved due to new technology and medical procedures using donor organs. Localpassport.org worked tirelessly to help promote this event and increase participation. This is just the first of many events they will support and we are thrilled to be their 2014 calendar sponsor!

    We at SERVPRO of GNC have dedicated 2014 to digging in a little deeper into the communities we serve in the Greater Charleston Area. Do you have a favorite charitable organization or fundraising event? Please contact Local Passport's 2014 ambassador, Bryan McElveen at Bryan@CharlestonEcoRealtor.com to have your event listed and promoted... Free of charge!  As Charleston’s EcoRealtor, his passion for sustainability and community in the Lowcountry is contagious. 

    SERVPRO specializes in making disaster that strikes your home or business “Like it never even happened.”    LifePoint also strives to provide recovery solutions... on a far, far greater scale.  Every day they are dedicated to increasing the odds of those who otherwise would have run out of options.   Thank you LocalPassport.org for introducing us to LifePoint!  

    For information on when/where you can catch the next SERVRO of Greater Northern Charleston sponsored event follow us on facebook, linkedin, and twitter.   And for a little “Save the Date” heads up:  March 28th.  Details to come!

    Have an awesome week, Charleston!   

    PS.  There were quite a few links for some great local businesses and organizations in the blog post above.  If you have time, go back and check a few of them out!  

    Baby, It's Cold Outside!

    1/22/2014 (Permalink)

    Storm Damage Baby, It's Cold Outside!  Frozen pipes in Charleston, SC. Who would have thought?

    Typically, freezing pipes are not a common concern in South Carolina.  However, the last several weeks hundreds of homes and businesses have had water damages due to the unusual sustained low temperatures brought on by the Polar Vortex.   Our Charleston franchises, sent technicians to assist the Columbia SERVPROs as they were inundated with hundreds of calls from home and business owners during record breaking winter weather.   Everyone has been working around the clock to get repairs complete before another devastating dip in temperature occurs. 

    The Weather Channel gives little insight into pipes freezing in Southern climates, like our own.  As well as some tips to protect your home or business from a winter storm related water loss.  As many of the homes in the South are on a slab and have plumbing in the attic, even a small leak can cover far more territory as it not only seeps out horizontally, but down into the lower floors as well.  Just a few moments of preparation, could very well save you thousands in damages. (Read more from the Weather Channel here)

    We hope you have an ice-free winter… but, as always… we are here to help - 24/7 - if you find yourself in a chilly mess!  We are always ready to help make it Like It Never Even Happened. 

    (843) 747-8750 

    For more information on SERVPRO and our Storm Response Teams, Click Here.

    Our "Gross" 2013!

    1/15/2014 (Permalink)

    Cleaning Our "Gross" 2013! A look at some of what we cleaned up in the Charleston area in 2013!

    We love our technicians!  We even go so far as to call them Heroes!

    Click the link below for a glance at the water, fire and mold damages our guys took care of in 2013.  We are looking forward to an even messier 2014!

    The Tech Files. Vol. 2 - Snapshots of 2013!

    Don't forget to save our contact information in your phone, just in case you come home to a loss like this in your home!

    We are available to you 24/7 ~ (843) 747-8750

    Rapid Response is Critical!

    1/14/2014 (Permalink)

    General Rapid Response is Critical! Rapid response is critical to a water damage clean up.

    Rapid Response on EVERY call is what sets SERVPRO apart from our competitors.  While all SERVPRO franchises are independently owned and operated, we are all held to the same response time guidelines.  We are actually scored on our ability to maintain consistent response times with the 1-4-8 standard set by our corporate leadership. 

    At SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston we take the 1-4-8 guideline as a challenge.  When we are notified of a loss by your insurance company or property manager, we make sure someone stops IMMEDIATELY to contact the appropriate person to make arrangements to be on site for emergency service in as little time as possible.  Highly trained and professional technicians are usually on site in less than 2 hours unless otherwise requested by the client.

    We also make it a practice, to contact your insurance adjuster if at all possible during the initial visit to your property in order to expedite necessary approvals for the work required to mitigate the fire or water damage and restore your home or business as quickly as possible.

    SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston is proud to be part of a nationwide company that challenges us to provide expedient, quality service to our local home owners and small businesses.

    We are here 24/7 to serve the North Charleston and surrounding areas:  Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, Summerville, Ladson, Hanahan... Call anytime:  843-747-8750.

    Happy New Year!

    1/7/2014 (Permalink)

    Community Happy New Year!  Looking so forward to another great year working with Charleston area home and business owners.

    We just wanted to take a minute to slow down and wish all of our friends, family, clients and future clients a hearty Happy New Year!  The holiday season is always a whirlwind for everyone and we sincerely hope you have all had a chance to take a breath and catch up a bit this first week of 2014.

    We have some exciting new things on the books for this year. Our favorite:  Having the opportunity to host the 2014 Final Friday networking events.  The last Friday of every quarter, we will be partnering with Charelston EcoRealtor on Passport 72's newest project, www.localpassport.org.  This online calendar focuses on non-profit events exclusively, and each quarter features a local organization to receive all proceeds from a corporate sponsored business networking event.  Sounds fun, right?  This year's 4 netoworking functions will be held at 4 of our favorite restaraunts in the North Charleston Area.  You do not want to miss out!  

    Please take a couple minutes to check out the facebook pages of Passport 72 and LocalPassport.org so you can stay up to date on the details of when, where, and who will benefit from the March Final Friday. (Links at the bottom of this post.)

    We are thrilled to be part of the Charleston community and can't wait to give a little back this year.  Thank you so much for trusting us with your homes and businesses over the 7 years.  Looking forward to what the next 7 have in store! 

    With Overwhelming Gratitude, 

    Liz and Brandon Ferm

    Facebook Links Below... even throwing ours in there as a bonus!

    Passport 72    LocalPassport.org  Charelston EcoRealtor

    SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston

    Lights, Candles, Action!

    12/16/2013 (Permalink)

    Fire Damage Lights, Candles, Action! Seasonal traditions cause an average of 230 home fires each year.

    The holidays bring with them brightly lighted decorations, elaborate meals and large gatherings are all part of traditional holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, these seasonal traditions also cause an average of 230 home fires each year, with an average of 4 deaths, 21 injuries and $17.3 million in property damage.

    There are almost twice as many on Christmas Day as there are on non-holidays. Homeowners can help keep their homes and their families safe during the holiday season by understanding the dangers and taking some simple, commonsense precautions in the kitchen.  Here are a few facts to consider:

    Holiday Cooking Fire Facts

    ·         Thanksgiving Day has three times the average number of reported home structure fires involving cooking equipment.

    ·         The two other peak days for cooking-related fires are Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.

    Holiday Cooking Safety Tips

    ·      Supervise items on the stovetop. Fifty-eight percent of kitchen fires involve ranges; homes with electric cooktops have a higher risk of fire than homes with gas cooktops.

    ·      Keep flammable items – potholders, packaging, wrapping, wooden utensils, loose clothing – away from the stovetop.

    ·      Don’t let lack of sleep or alcohol consumption affect your ability to concentrate on preparing the meal.

    We hope these tips will be a reminder to families in North Charleston and surrounding Charleston communities to make fire prevention a priority in preparing for the holidays.   The aftermath and clean up after a house fire would certainly be an unwanted interruption to time celebrating with family and friends!   

    For more fire prevention tips and information about fire and water damage restoration services, contact SERVPRO® of Greater Northern Charleston at (843) 747-8750, 24/7.  

    Heat Your Home Safely

    12/11/2013 (Permalink)

    Fire Damage Heat Your Home Safely Portable heating devices are a leading cause of house fires.

    Each year fire claims the lives of 3,500 Americans, injures 18,300, and causes billions of dollars worth of damage. Many of these fires originate with portable heating devices.  The misuse of wood stoves,  space heaters and kerosene heaters are especially common risks in rural areas. 

    All heating equipment needs space. Keep anything that can burn at least three feet away. Supervise children whenever a wood stove or space heater is being used. Have a three-foot "kid-free" zone around open fires and space heaters.

    Wood Stoves

    Wood stoves cause over 4,000 residential fires every year. Carefully follow the manufacturer's installation and maintenance instructions. Look for solid construction, such as plate steel or cast iron metal. Check for cracks and inspect legs, hinges and door seals for smooth joints and seams. Use only seasoned wood for fuel, not green wood, artificial logs, or trash. In pellet stoves, burn only dry, seasoned wood pellets. Inspect and clean your pipes and chimneys annually and check monthly for damage or obstructions.

    Electric Space Heaters

    Buy only heaters evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Check to make sure it has a thermostat control mechanism, and will switch off automatically if the heater falls over. Heaters are not dryers or tables; don't dry clothes or store objects on top of your heater. Plug space heaters directly into wall outlets and never into an extension cord or power strip. Always unplug your electric space heater when not in use.

    Kerosene Heaters

    Buy only heaters evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and check with your local fire department on the legality of kerosene heater use in your community. Never fill your heater with gasoline or camp stove fuel; both flare-up easily. Only use crystal clear K-1 kerosene. When refueling, allow the appliance to cool first and then refuel outside. Never overfill any portable heater. Use the kerosene heater in a well-ventilated room.


    Fireplaces regularly build up creosote in their chimneys. They need to be cleaned out frequently and chimneys should be inspected for obstructions and cracks to prevent deadly chimney and roof fires. Check to make sure the damper is open before starting any fire. Never burn trash, paper or green wood in your fireplace. These materials cause heavy creosote buildup and are difficult to control. Use a screen heavy enough to stop rolling logs and big enough to cover the entire opening of the fireplace to catch flying sparks. Don't wear loose-fitting clothes near any open flame. Make sure the fire is completely out before leaving the house or going to bed. Allow ashes to cool before disposing of them. Place ashes in a tightly covered metal container and keep the ash container at least 10 feet away from your home and any other nearby buildings. Never empty the ash directly into a trash can. Douse and saturate the ashes with water.

    Finally, having a working smoke alarm dramatically increases your chances of surviving a fire. And remember to practice a home escape plan frequently with your family.

    To find out how SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston responds to a fire damage, visit the Fire Restoration page on our website.- you can also visit us on Facebook.

    For more information on Home Heating Safety from FEMA, visit http://www.usfa.fema.gov/citizens/home_fire_prev/heating/.

    Smoke Can Be Surprising!

    11/5/2013 (Permalink)

    Fire Damage Smoke Can Be Surprising! Even a small fire can produce devastating smoke damage.

    The complexity of property loss or destruction due to fire damage is due to the unique behavior of smoke. Smoke can penetrate within cavities of the structure, causing hidden damage and odor.

    Some things you may not know about smoke:

    • Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.

    • Smoke flows around plumbing systems, using holes around pipes to go from floor to floor.

    • The type of smoke may greatly affect the fire damage restoration process.

    • There are at least many types of soot and residues left behind by smoke:  Wet, Dry, Protein, Fuel Oil and others.

    Having a SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston Professional inspect and pretest your home after fire damage prior to beginning the cleaning process saves time and can prevent the loss of important items or keepsakes.

    For more detail on the behavior of smoke, the risk of hidden damage and how we at SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston can help, visit our Fire Damage and Restoration page and feel free to contact us, 24/7 at (843)-747-8750 or via our Contact Us form.

    Restoration vs. Replacement

    10/18/2013 (Permalink)

    General Restoration vs. Replacement Working hand in hand with your insurance company to restore your home.

    At SERVPRO we are in the business of restoration rather than replacement - this provides the benefits of not only lower costs but also a smaller ecological footprint. On a more personal level, restoration vs. replacement provides home owner peace of mind, in the event of a loss, that they will be able to make the most of any insurance payments they receive. 

    Why do we focus on restoration?

  • We minimize the amount of building material discarded into landfills.

  • We preserve the original architecture of building structures.

  • Restoration is much more cost-efficient than replacement.

  • Many items cannot be replaced, such as important documents and family heirlooms.

  • In addition to preserving original structures and items, a drive towards restoration can better satisfy a complete return to normalcy when catastrophe occurs. Insurance policies often have limits that cap the amount of a claim - restoration allows for minimizing the costs of returning a structure to pre-loss condition.

    SERVPRO works seamlessly with insurance companies nationwide, providing them with restoration budgets that not only meet their stringent guidelines, but provide the homeowner with the best possible outcome.

    You have a choice when it comes to who to trust with your home after a fire or flood. Choose SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston and let us help you make it… “Like it never even happened.”

    We can be reached 24/7 at (843) 747-8750.  

    Do you have a current Home Inventory?

    10/10/2013 (Permalink)

    General Do you have a current Home Inventory? How up to date is your Home Inventory?

    A current Home Inventory can save you thousands in lost contents! 

    Our technicians specialize in the restoration of contents damaged by fire, water, or mold. Their expertise can help you save money on your loss.  Having a complete inventory of the contents of your home BEFORE a water or fire damage can make certain that all items lost in the fire or flood are included in your insurance claim.

    How to create a home inventory

  • Group your possessions into logical categories, i.e., by hobby, by room in your home, etc. 

  • Your list should include celebration purchases like jewelry and art, as well as everyday leisure items such as televisions and guitars.

  • Don't forget items you use rarely such as holiday decorations, sports equipment, tools, etc.

  • Pull together copies of original sales receipts and/or appraisal documents. Also note model and serial numbers.

  • Carefully photograph or videotape each item and document a brief description, including age, purchase price and estimated current value. 

  • Store your home inventory and related documents in a safe, easily accessible place online, on your computer or in a fire-proof box or safe deposit box. Consider sharing a copy your insurance provider as well. 

  • Once you have completed your home inventory and stored it safely, set a reminder to update the inventory and photos annually.

    THIS WEEK! Fire Prevention Week

    10/4/2013 (Permalink)

    Fire Damage THIS WEEK!  Fire Prevention Week Sparky and the NFPA bringing you National Fire Prevention Week, 2013.

    With over 90 years of history, Fire Prevention Week is the longest running national health and public safely observance.  What started as a commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire 1871, has become a week dedicated to educating and preventing fires and the injury, death and destruction they produce.  

    President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the first Fire Prevention Week in 1925. As part of his proclamation that day, he cited that fires the previous year were responsible for the loss of 15,000 lives and over 500 million dollars in damages.  His determined response remains the focus of the National Fire Prevention Association as they sponsor this important week each year. 

    “This vast waste is incurred under conditions which cannot fail to arouse a sense of horror and shame, for our experience indicates a major portion of it is preventable. “

    The number of deaths due to fire has been drastically reduced over the past 9 decades; however, the number of unnecessary deaths is still staggering.  In the United States, an average of 7 people, per day, die in-home fires.  Many of which could have been prevented. 

    As we provide information and tips to you this week, we hope that you will take a little time to inspect your home and office for potential fire hazards.  Most are very easy and inexpensive to correct.

    Follow SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/servproofgnc), Twitter (https://twitter.com/servproofgnc) , Google+(https://plus.google.com/u/0/104866530372825233415/posts) or Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/servproofgnc/)  so you don't miss out on some great information...and a lot of fun stuff too!

    Have a safe and happy week! 

    Sources for this blog and more information on Fire Safety:  National Fire Prevention Association:  http://www.nfpa.org/safety-information/fire-prevention-week;  Fire Files Digital Library:  http://fire.omeka.net/items/show/596

    Mold: Potential Health Risks

    10/2/2013 (Permalink)

    Mold Remediation Mold:  Potential Health Risks Do you have visible mold in your home? It could be affecting your health.

    Mold is a term used to describe a type of fungus that is an often fuzzy-looking growth that appears on the surface of organic materials in damp conditions, both outdoors and indoors. Molds may be gray, black, green, yellow, orange or various other colors, and may have a velvety or wooly texture.

    Like other fungi, molds produce tiny spores in order to reproduce. Mold spores continually waft through the air, both indoors and out-of-doors. When mold spores land on a damp spot, they may begin to grow. Indoors, molds can grow on wood, paper, fabrics, carpet, foods and other organic materials.

    Molds are a natural part of the environment, but human health problems may result when people are exposed to large amounts of mold, particularly indoors. Inhaling excessive quantities of airborne mold particles or spores may adversely affect your health. 

    Potential Health Effects of Indoor Mold:

    • Allergic Illness - When mold cells are inhaled and land in the respiratory tract, the body's immune system's response to those invading cells can cause allergic illness. The immune system tries to destroy the mold as it would an agent, like a flu virus, that might cause infection. In a relatively small portion of the population (about 10 percent of people in the U.S.), the immune system overreacts and causes the allergic response that results in symptoms such as runny nose, scratchy throat and sneezing. Most of us know this allergic illness as "hay fever" or "allergic rhinitis."

    • Asthma - Asthma is a lung disease in which the airways that carry oxygen to the lungs can partially close, causing breathing difficulties ranging from mild (such as a dry cough) to life-threatening (inability to breathe). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in 12 adults and one in 11 children in the United States has asthma. More than half of asthmatics have respiratory allergies, often to mold. Molds can trigger asthma episodes in sensitive asthmatics.

    • Respiratory Infection - Some mold species can cause respiratory infection when the live mold invades the tissues of the lungs or respiratory tract. This is not a significant risk for healthy people, but can be dangerous for individuals with severely weakened immune systems.

    • Toxic Effects - Very large doses of certain molds, whether inhaled or ingested, can result in poisoning caused by mycotoxins in the mold cells. One particular type of mold that has been highlighted in the media is Stachybotrys chartarum (also known as Stachybotrys atra), commonly referred to as "black mold". Stachybotrys is a greenish-black mold that grows on materials with high cellulose content (drywall, wood, paper, ceiling tiles) that are chronically wet or moist. It is one of several molds that can produce mycotoxins under certain environmental conditions.

    The health effects of breathing mycotoxins are not well understood, but we do know that most molds can present the health risks mentioned above.  Therefore, any mold growth in a building should be cleaned up, regardless of the type of mold. 

    If you feel you are experiencing a mold problem in your home or office.  Don’t delay getting it corrected.  SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston is happy to assist you in creating a healthier, mold free environment for you and your family or employees.  Contact us at (843) 747-8750 or via our Web Contact Page.

    Sources for this post and additional information on the effects of mold on your health:

    Is Your Business Ready?

    10/1/2013 (Permalink)

    Commercial Is Your Business Ready? Does your business have a emergency readiness plan?

    Research indicates that only around 50 percent of businesses that suffer an incapacitating disaster are able to recover and resume operations…and only 29 percent remain in business just two years later.  It is also estimated that 95% of disasters affecting regular business operations are internal or man-made, such as fire or internal flooding.  Many businesses have an emergency contingency plan in place, but few have a plan to efficiently stabilize and mitigate damage in order to get back into their buildings following a disaster. 

    Most full contingency plans are made up of three main parts:  incident response, disaster recovery and business continuity.  SERVPRO’s Emergency READY Profile is a vital component of any existing contingency plan as it addresses both incident response and disaster recovery.

    By developing a SERVPRO® ERP for your business, you can help minimize the amount of time your business is inactive by having an immediate plan of action.  Knowing what to do, who to call and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation.  Timely mitigation minimizes the effects of water and fire damage allowing your property and business to be restored at an advanced rate.  Putting you back in business with as little down time as possible.

    For more information on creating your customized Emergency Ready Profile email beready@SERVPROofgnc.com, call (843) 552-1226 or use our Contact Us Web Form

    Preparedness on a Budget

    9/25/2013 (Permalink)

    General Preparedness on a Budget It doesn't have to cost alot to be prepared.

    It is no secret that many families and individuals are looking to cut back on spending. But with the frequency of disasters, both natural and manmade, can you afford not to be prepared? Preparedness doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. September is National Preparedness Month, and we are asking you to help your family and friends prepare for whatever may come. Here are a few tips* on how you can protect those that matter to you without spending a fortune.

    Make a Plan. Work with you family and neighbors to make an emergency plan for the types of disasters that affect your area. Make sure everyone in your family understands where to go and what to do in case of an emergency. You can download Family Emergency Plan templates www.ready.gov/make-a-plan

    Update Contact Information. Having accurate records for family, friends and neighbors will help you stay in contact and possibly help those in need. Make sure updated contact information is posted in visible places throughout your house and workplace.

    Check Your Policy. Review your insurance policy annually and make any necessary changes – renters, too! When a disaster strikes, you want to know that your coverage will get you back on your feet.

    Make a Ready List. You may not need all of the items in ready-made preparedness kits. Choose the essentials that fit your needs and budget. Don’t forget to keep supplies at work and in your car. Sample Ready Lists can be found at www.ready.gov/document/family-supply-list

    Plan Your Purchases. You can save money by thinking ahead. Don’t buy preparedness items just before a storm when they’re expensive and supplies will be in high demand. Buy items at the end of the season when you can get good deals.

    Shop Sales. Shop at sales and used goods stores. Buy preparedness items throughout the year, instead of all at once, and you won’t notice the cost as much.

    Make Sure it Keeps. Store water in safe, containers. You don’t need to buy expensive bottled water, just make sure your water containers are disinfected and airtight

    Request a Gift. We all get things we don’t need. Suggest preparedness supplies as gifts from your friends and family. It just might save your life.

    Trade a Night Out. Trade one night out to fund your 72-hour kit. Taking a family of four to the movies can cost upwards of $80. Just one night staying in could fund your Ready kit.

    *The best tip: start now. Take small steps toward preparedness and before you know it, you will be Ready

    Got Jewelry?

    9/13/2013 (Permalink)

    General Got Jewelry? Protect your personal valuables without weighing down your homeowner's insurance.

    We spent a little time chatting this week with our friend Carl Phillips, one of the top producers CT Lowndes here in the Lowcountry.  The topic of conversation?  Jewelry!  We were surprised to hear that Carl does NOT recommend you add your jewelry to your homeowner’s policy.  Instead, he suggests a personal articles floater for his clientele. 

    According to Carl, separate coverage often results in higher limits, fewer exclusions, and the most important benefit:  Jewelry claims do not affect the homeowner coverage.  Jewelry and valuable personal items are not always actually in the home when they are lost or stolen.  However, when attached to the homeowner coverage, a claim of any size shows as a loss and counts against a “claim free” rating.   This causes many homeowners to choose to resist making the claim and simply take the loss of the jewelry in order to protect their policy premiums. 

    Interested in hearing more about how you can effectively cover your valuable personal items?  Please contact Carl for details and a quote customized to suit your needs.  Be sure to tell him his friends at SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston sent you!  Click this link for all of his contact information or contact SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston and ask for Beth

    Two-Step Approach to Disaster Readiness

    9/5/2013 (Permalink)

    Community Two-Step Approach to Disaster Readiness Helping homes and businesses in Charleston, SC be more prepared.

    North Charleston, SC (Grassroots Newswire) August 22, 2013 - There is no predicting when or where a disaster may strike, leaving property destruction and damage in its wake. But National Preparedness Month, sponsored each year in September by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), focuses the nation’s attention on the steps home and business owners can and should take to be ready to respond to emergencies, including natural and man-made disasters.

    “SERVPRO® professionals know a lot about disaster cleanup,” said BrandonFerm, Owner of SERVPRO® of Greater Northern Charleston. “And one of the most important things we know is that it’s better to take steps to prevent or minimize damage from an unexpected weather event or other disaster than it is to try to clean up after it. That’s why we emphasize the importance of readiness to our clients through SERVPRO’s ‘Emergency READY Program.’ Being ‘READY’ can make the difference between moving back into your home or losing it – or staying in business or closing the doors forever.”

    As a National Sponsor of the American Red Cross Ready Rating ProgramTM and the originator of SERVPRO’s Emergency READY Program, SERVPRO® is uniquely positioned to offer North Charleston area home and business owners guidance on a robust, two-step approach to disaster planning and recovery, encompassing both readiness and recovery planning, according to Ferm.

    Step 1: Readiness Planning

    Knowledge is power, and the American Red Cross Ready Rating™ program is designed to help home and business owners assess their level of preparedness for weather-related or other emergencies in advance.  This free, web-based program, available at readyrating.org, walks responsible parties at businesses, organizations and schools through a 123-point self-assessment of their establishment’s level of preparedness for weather-related or other emergencies, and then offers tips and best practices to help improve their readiness.

    Step 2: Recovery Planning

    Through SERVPRO’s Emergency READY Program, local schools, businesses and other establishments can arrange for a SERVPRO® of Greater Northern Charleston disaster recovery professional to establish an Emergency READY Profile® (ERP) for their facility, at no charge. The ERP is a comprehensive document containing critical information about the business, including emergency contact information, shut-off valve locations and priority areas. In the event of an emergency, the ERP can help minimize business interruption by ensuring there is an immediate plan of action already in place for the facility. If disaster strikes and damages the business, the ERP can save the property owner both time and money during the recovery period. Smartphone app and web versions of the Emergency READY Program are also available.

    “This two-step approach to disaster readiness makes perfect sense,” said Rick Isaacson, Executive Vice President of SERVPRO Industries, Inc., “because it provides a complete readiness solution for businesses and other property owners. In Step One, The Red Cross Ready Rating Program gives individuals the knowledge they need to take all necessary steps before disaster strikes to protect their property from damage and loss. Step Two kicks in when disaster does strike and fast response is key to minimizing damage and downtime. Knowing what to do and who to call saves critical time – and that’s where SERVPRO’s Emergency READY Program can help. Together, these two programs offer maximum peace of mind to businesses and other organizations.”

    SERVPRO® of Greater Northern Charleston specializes in disaster restoration, cleanup and repair services, helping to remediate damage, making it “Like it never even happened,” for both commercial and residential customers. North Charleston area residents are encouraged to contact BrandonFerm of SERVPRO® of Greater Northern Charleston at (843) 747-8750 or beready@servproofgnc.com or visit www.servpronortherncharleston.com for information on readiness resources including SERVPRO’s free READY Plan Mobile Application, available on all smartphones.

    For more information on the Red Cross Ready Rating program, please visit http://readyrating.org/.

    Did you know?

    8/30/2013 (Permalink)

    General Did you know? We are proud to be locally owned and operated in Charleston, SC.

    • SERVPRO was founded in 1967.

    • We are the National leader and provider of fire and water cleanup and restoration services.

    • We also specialize in mold mitigation and remediation.

    • A network of more than 1,600 individually owned and operated Franchises make up the SERVPRO family.

    • We have franchises in Canada.

    • We respond to property damage emergencies ranging from individual residential disasters to multi-million dollar commercial losses.

    • The SERVPRO® System has established relationships with all major insurance companies.

    • Most of all… We love working with our Lowcountry home and business owners!

    Congratulations, Beth Williams!

    8/14/2013 (Permalink)

    General Congratulations, Beth Williams! Beth Williams is now DryBook Certified!

    Congratulations to our Sales/Office Manager, Beth Peterson Williams, for being the first SERVPRO employee in the Greater North Charleston area to successfully complete SERVPRO's DryBook Training with flying colors!

    This new program will make it possible to capture drying information and readings more efficiently on site at a water damaged property. Just another tool SERVPRO has to offer that makes us best the restoration industry has to offer. 

    Charleston Business Owner Honored!

    8/6/2013 (Permalink)

    Local Business Owner Honored at SERVPRO® Annual Convention
    Brandon Ferm recognized for outstanding revenue performance at annual event

    North Charleston, SC (Grassroots Newswire) July 25, 2013 -- Brandon Ferm, Owner of SERVPRO® of Greater Northern Charleston, was honored with the Director's Platinum award for outstanding revenue performance during SERVPRO’s 44th Annual Convention, held June 17 – June 21 at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel and the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. 

    In addition to providing a networking and educational forum for the more than 1,600 Franchise Owners in the SERVPRO® Franchise System, SERVPRO’s Annual Convention provides a platform to recognize and reward Franchisees for outstanding success in their businesses.

    “I’m proud to have earned this award this year,” said Ferm. “Everyone at SERVPRO® of Greater Northern Charleston is dedicated to being the leader in our industry in the North Charleston area. This award is recognition that our community knows they can depend on us to help them recover from a storm, fire or other disaster.”

    SERVPRO®, an industry leader in disaster cleanup, restoration and remediation services, welcomed a record number of Franchisees to their annual event. In addition to the awards ceremony, this year’s Convention offered more than 60 workshop sessions covering more than 30 different topics - the most extensive program ever offered at a SERVPRO® Convention. The keynote speaker was Walter Bond, former NBA player.

    “Servpro Industries, Inc. congratulates Brandon and all of our award winners on their success,” said Sue Steen, Chief Executive Officer of Servpro Industries, Inc. “We know our leadership position in the marketplace is a direct result of the dedication and professionalism of our Franchisees and their staffs. Hopefully, this year’s Annual Convention provided all of our attendees with the latest intelligence about our company and our industry–so they can continue to grow their businesses and support their customers with the best possible service.”

    Storm Season Warning!

    8/1/2013 (Permalink)

    Storm Damage Storm Season Warning! Storm season is almost here! Are you ready?

    During the last several years in the Charleston area, few have escaped the hair raising severe weather alerts screaming from our radios, televisions, and now, and smartphones.   Flash flood and severe weather warnings have just about become the norm.  We did a little digging into where those alerts are generated and found that it takes an impressive amount of study and testing by NOAA's National Severe Storms Lab to ensure those alerts get to us as quickly and as accurately as possible.

    From collecting local information thru public survey responses to simulated weather projects, the NSSL is constantly increasing our understanding of the science behind forecasting the weather and providing weather warnings with the most lead time possible.  Every day they are discovering new information that will ultimately translate into local protocols that will improve the safety of our communities, here at home, under the threat of severe weather.

    Want to know more?  Click here to check out the full scoop on the National Severe Storms Lab.

    This week is Hurricane Preparedness week and SERVPRO of Greater Northern Charleston wishes everyone in Charleston and the surrounding areas a disaster free storm season.  However, if your home or business experiences a water intrusion and you find yourself in need of a little help getting back up and running, don't hesitate to call us at (843) 552-1226 or through our contact us page.  We are here for you ~ 24/7! 


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